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Article Reference Support for guideline development through error classification and constraint checking.
Clinical guidelines aim to eliminate clinician errors, reduce practice variation, and promote best medical practices. Computer-interpretable guidelines (CIGs) ...
Article Reference GESDOR - a generic execution model for sharing of computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines.
We developed the Guideline Execution by Semantic Decomposition of Representation (GESDOR) model to share guidelines encoded in different formats at the ...
Article Reference Combining a Document Model and an Execution Model for Clinical Guidelines
GLIF, an execution model for clinical guidelines, was augmented by attributes from GEM, a document model. Our preliminary evaluation, based on an Alzheimers ...
Inproceedings Reference GLIF3 : The Evolution of a Guideline Representation Format
Article Reference A Three-layer Domain Ontology for Guideline Representation and Sharing
Article Reference Lessons learned from adapting a generic narrative diabetic-foot guideline to an institutional decision-support system.
Clinical guidelines usually need to be adapted to fit local practice before they can be actually used by clinicians. Reasons for adaptation include variations ...
Article Reference Design and implementation of the GLIF3 guideline execution engine.
We have developed the GLIF3 Guideline Execution Engine (GLEE) as a tool for executing guidelines encoded in the GLIF3 format. In addition to serving as an ...
Article Reference Guideline Interchange Format : A Representation for Sharable , Computer- interpretable Guidelines
Article Reference Approaches for Guideline Versioning Using GLIF
Computer-interpretable clinical guidelines (CIGs) aim to eliminate clinician errors, reduce practice variation, and promote best medical practices by ...
Incollection Reference Sharable Appropriateness Criteria in GLIF3 Using Standards and the Knowledge-Data Ontology Mapper